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Find the best local deals, offers & events

Is the Rise of Online Marketing Taking Away Control From Local Businesses?

Developments in the world of online have seen a huge increases in commission based third party advertising platforms. Every day we hear stories from business owners about the issues associated with paying large commission fees and the danger of devaluing products to make sales. The problem was summarised perfectly by Dave Grocott (Regional Director, Out There);

If the provider of the platform sits between the consumers and merchant everything slows down, the consumer has to buy the deal and wait for a response, comparison and deal sites might be convenient but are they really giving control to the merchant?

In nearly all cases it seems clear that businesses really need is a service that puts them back in control and helps them connect directly with their customers, a solution to this problem is Out There.

Out There Today began life on foreign shores as My Travel Pal the sister company to Perfect Getaways. Since, the early days the company’s philosophy has been based around providing a fair and ethical marketing platform that works for businesses and helps customers connect directly with the best things to do in leisure and lifestyle. This philosophy is at the heart of CEO David Palmer’s approach to growing the business in the UK.

The Out There offering enables businesses to connect with customers at home through ongoing social media and website promotion, at work through targeted email strategies and employee benefits platform and now out and about through the creation of a state of the art app where advertisers can take control of live promotions, set up events, loyalty schemes and much more.  All strategies are permission based and out there are committed to offering affordable package prices, regular analytics and works with clients to ensure they get a great return on investment year after year.

This year Out There have made a six figure investment into developing a cutting edge mobile app and are looking ahead to a Manchester launch. The app has the potential to boost the local economy and will offer something never been seen in the city, as Regional Manager Dave Grocott explains - “The app is the next stage of our companies evolution and it ultimately enables businesses to talk to consumers in live real time. Consumers will have complete control of 15 leisure preferences and will be to change location settings. This investment is huge for businesses in Manchester as it allows them target consumers that are actually in the area.   Businesses using the app can build loyalty schemes, push out instant promotions, set up events, analyse performance, create new adverts and the app will even use its GPS to bring the consumer directly to the door of the business.”

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