Out There Launch Across the UK!

Leisure, tourism, hospitality and lifestyle businesses across the UK are set to benefit from the official launch of ‘Out There’. A new, national destination brand recently introduced to local business directors, franchisees and the press on Tuesday, 28th July 2015 at Inglewood Manor, Cheshire.

The evening was a great success for the management team behind ‘Out There’ including former Apprentice star, Neil Clough (Non Executive Director) and Perfect Getaways Directors, David Palmer (CEO) and Nicola Palmer (Managing Director), revealing the business’ exciting future prospects.

“Out There takes us to a completely new level. This isn’t just a name changer, it’s a complete game changer in permission led marketing.” – Dave Palmer, CEO

The company began building its robust opt-in database during their time within the holiday home industry and strong partnership with the likes of Ryanair and Flybe.
“We started renting out our bungalow in Fuerteventura in 2006, and so began a little holiday rental company called Jolly Rentals which grew into just about the largest independent villa rental company in the UK, Perfect Getaways.” Explains Dave Palmer, Out There CEO, “In 2012, we started offering people things to do while on holiday, as a result, My Travel Pal was introduced to the UK market.”
Richard Clarke, Head of Marketing and Managing Director of the Rockart Agency, worked in conjunction with the Out There management team to rebrand the business in a bid to position the company as a leading national destination brand.
“As a brand and a business, Out There fills a unique gap in the market. For UK leisure, tourism, hospitality and lifestyle businesses, our proprietary 2million opt-in database of ABC1 subscribers act as a ready-made audience, willing to act on a range of enticing offers and promotions,” explains Richard.

The evening revealed the brand’s new offer to potential franchisees and the general public.
Richard Clarke elaborates that “creating tailored promotional packages, offering low monthly payments and providing higher returns on investment than other advertising mediums really sets up apart.” 

The brand’s transition comes complete with a bespoke TV commercial advert to be aired on Sky Multichannel in September. A sneak-peak broadcast of the pre-production commercial was met with much excitement and applause within the room. The atmosphere was evidently filled with anticipation and positivity from the team, franchisees and local business owners alike.
“I think the new brand will give a huge push for the business. We have a much better offering for companies. We’re providing a great product to businesses.” Kate, PA to Chris Saunders (Master Franchisee for Out There North Wales and Out There North East Cheshire).
When asked what reaction he’s received from potential clients about the new brand, Chris Saunders replied, “absolutely fantastic. It’s unbelievable the response I am receiving since I’ve been promoting the new brand. I had a client I went to two weeks ago and received an e-mail yesterday stating they would like to sign up with us.”


Richie Allan, Out There Durham and Teesside Franchisee, shared his excitement about the brand’s future and its journey, “as the first franchisee, I am proud to be here today and see the journey we have come along in the past sixteen months.”
In his speech, Richie highlights the dedication of the Out There team as the driving force behind the brand’s uniqueness and continued positive outlook. 

“what sets Out There apart from other marketing solution provider is the team of people involved, from the franchisees network, all of whom are passionate about supporting their clients, to the head office team dedicated to deliver each and every campaign, the account management, appointment and studio team right through to the directors.”
Jenny and Steve, potential franchisees, explained which element of Out There excited them most, “the enthusiasm and the fact that it is such a new product and concept.” Both Jenny and Steve have vast experience in managing large franchised businesses, however the opportunity to be involved with Out There proved hugely attractive.
Steve elaborates on what made Out There an attractive franchising proposition, “It’s first of all very exciting because it’s very new, but from what we can both see, there are some very good people involved with the company to enable them (Out There) to achieve their objectives,” he explains, “also the concept certainly seems to be a very marketable product that is well received within the industry.”
With excitement in the air and a profitable future forecasted ahead, Out There has certainly set the bar high against its competitors.

“I now believe we are on the road to becoming the leading provider of quality things to do and places to go in the UK. But we aren’t going to stop there. We’re continually looking to improve and we have a schedule of constant improvements and ground breaking technology over the next 18 months,” shares Nicola Palmer, Managing Director.
Dave and Nicola Palmer shared their gratitude to the team and all those involved in making Out There where it is today, “we want to thank friends, family, investors, people who believed in us from the very beginning when all of this was just a dream.” 
The event drew to a close after company directors, including Apprentice star Neil Clough opened the floor to questions behind the business offering and its value to local, regional and national businesses.

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